The Adventures Of Sir Ian Holm

The only other decent Sir Ian Holm fan site around - and a good one at that. Run by Dori, it features rare theatrical pictures as well as the usual biography, filmography, links and a fun features called Fan Art. This should be your first Holm stop!

Sir Ian Holm Forums

The brilliant watering hole for ALL Sir Ian Holm fans. Also run by Dori, you can get all the latest news, view and reviews on Sir Ian.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

An excellent data base site with giving detailed info about Sir Ian Holm's films.

All-Movie Guide

Gives (at times, inaccurate) info about Sir Ian Holm's filmography.

The Lord Of The Rings
The Day After Tomorrow
The Emperor's New Clothes
The Sweet Hereafter
Esther Kahn
From Hell
Animal Farm
The Miracle Maker

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